The aims and object of the Coonor Tea TradeAssociation (CTTA) is to promote and protect the interests of the Buyers, Sellers and Brokers.The Coonoor Tea Trade Association (CTTA) shall preserve the highest possible standards of integrity in order to attain these ends. In all-important matters affecting the tea industry this association shall, as far as possible, collaborate with the other associations for the development of the tea Industry.

Auction at Coonoor
The auction in Coonoor are held under the guidelines of the Coonoor Tea Trade Association (CTTA).

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All persons, firms of companies who are buyers of tea and having a place of business in Tamil Nadu and who are registered dealers in tea and holding current GST registration certificate thereunder shall be eligible for admission as Buyer member of this association.  New application must accompany Tea Board Buyer registration certificate in Form D.

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All Manufacturers of tea as defined under the Tea (marketing) Control order 2003 shall be eligible for admission as Seller members of the association.

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All Tea Brokers who intend to act as such and who have fulfilled the norms prescribed by the Tea Board to perform the functions of a broker in the public tea auctions held under the auspices of the Associations in Tamil Nadu shall be eligible for admission as Broker Members of the Association.

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The business of the Association is managed by a General Committee consisting of 18 members of whom 7 members represent Sellers, another 7 members represent Buyers. Brokers are represented by 2 broker members.The Tea Board and Government of Tamil Nadu is represented by one member each.

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