Nilgiris – Blue Ridged Mountains

Nilgiris, the blue hills or queen of hills, with its beautiful valleys and salubrious climate supports a wide range of flora and fauna.

Doddabetta, the second highest peak in south India, is situated.

 In this region, the ‘Neelakurunji’ a flower that bathes these hills in lavender, flowers once every twelve years, a natural phenomenon as intriguing as the great wildebeest migration of the Masai Mara. 

Nilgiris (The Blue Mountains) are one of the most spectacular ranges in South India with lush vegetation and teeming with wild life and the source of numerous beautiful streams and rivers. Against this idyllic background the famous Nilgiris tea is grown.

The combination of fine fragrance, brisk liquor and strength makes NILGIRI a blender’s dream and a truly unique tea found nowhere else in the world.

Grown at an elevation ranging from 1000 to 2500 mtrs above m.s.l.

Significantly, plucking continues here throughout the year with no dormant season.

Coonoor Tea Trade Association (CTTA) was formed in 1963. The first auction was conducted on 23rd March 1963 with70 lots comprising 20,303 kgs of tea from 43 factories.

Currently CTTA has got 191 Buyers, 201 Sellers and 8 brokers.

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